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Emotions and Emotional Intelligence - Bibliography and descriptions of current research findings and notes of interest.

Emotion Toolkit
Self-help guide to emotional healing, recovery, and personal growth.

Growth Online
The latest theories on personal growth, with instant online answers to users questions.

Help for your SELF
Articles, recommended books, training materials and question submission.

How To Get Better Results from Self- Help Techniques!
Tried self-help techniques but didn't get the consistent and lasting results you wanted? Here's why it happened and what you can do to start getting better results.

Improving Me
Articles, book reviews and personal growth resources.

Inner Strength Training®
Free self-help, self-improvement, personal growth process people can use to strengthen their circumstances, relationships, and their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Mental Help Net
The largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online, featuring over 9,200 individual resources. Includes relationship counseling topics.
Ideas and inspiration to help you change your attitude and change your life.

Self Development
A series of short articles and techniques on improving confidence and communication skills. Includes details of a personal growth course, with ordering information.

Self Help
Comprehensive resources and community of all self-help and personal development topics.

Silva International Inc
Originators of the Silva Method of mind-programming. Background information, seminar calendars, lecturer directory and catalog of audio tapes and related products.

What To Do When Self-Help Techniques Don't Work!
Article: Why self-help techniques don't always work - and what you can do to start getting better results.

"Psychoanalysis: From Theory to Practice, Past to Present" This paper discusses not only Freud's theory but also those of more recent psychoanalysts. Common criticisms are discussed and dispersed. By Ethan R. Plaut.

Freud Web This website contains an overview of Freud's theory of psychoanalysis, its cultural context, and its techniques. By David B. Stevenson.

New York Psychoanalytic Institute This organization's website contains information and links related to the life and work of Freud, as well as to contemporary psychoanalysis.

Reading Lists on Psychoanalytic Theory and Related Topics This is an extensive list of psychoanalysis references. By Robert M. Young.

Great Ideas in Personality - Psychoanalysis - This page contains a concise introduction to psychoanalysis, incluing links to research papers, websites, and other reference sources.

Psychoanalysis Online - Collection of links in many languages.

Psyche Matters - Online papers and bibliographies, discussion group. Resources include Psychoanalysis, Jung, Psychology, Counseling, Education, Myth, Philosophy, Spirituality, Infant/Child Mental Health, and Group Therapy.

Psy-log - the Psychoanalytic Web Directory - Trilingual search engine dedicated to psychoanalysis. It offers a selection of web sites to all professionals interested in this area.

Open Directory: Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic This page contains numerous links to websites on psychoanalysis ordered alphabetically. By the Open Directory Project.
   "Возврат в детство" как универсальный механизм психотерапии. Введение в метод Ретри.

Борис Новодержкин Терапия диффузной разрядки.

Журнал практической психологии и психоанализа - Ежеквартальный научно-практический журнал электронных публикаций. Статьи психологической тематики.

Лекции по психоанализу и другие тексты - Психологический портал развития личности. Методики самосовершенствования: Память. Уверенность. Цель. Лидер. Карьера. Воспитание самообладания, ускорение способности вычислять, самоучитель общения. Улучшение физических, психических и умственных способностей.

Виртуальная Психоаналитическая Лаборатория

Практики развития осознанности - Новые направления психологии и психотерапии: Преобразующий процессинг, Квантовая психология, Хакоми терапия, Саентология, Нейро-лингвистическое программирование, восточные единоборства, йога, театр импровизации, ранний буддизм.

А.Я. Психология ( - психологические тесты, тренинги, публикации и многое другое.

Модифицированная техника анализа ранних воспоминаний личности

IVSoftware Psychology OnLine - Материалы по психологии: рефераты, книги, психологические тесты, фотографии и биографии психологов, доска объявлений по психологии, каталог ресурсов по психологии.

 Психологические ресурсы - Неформальная ассоциация специалистов в различных направлениях психологии и смежных наук. Портал о психологии и не только...
Знакомство с интересными методиками, тренингами, приборами экологической серии и многое другое. А также: тесты ОН-Лайн, музыка для медитации, форум для консультаций, психологическая помощь.